A system designed in the XXI century, for the XXI century.

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Biztroo stores and organizes your company´s documents, letting you know when one is missing or about to expire. Automatically, allowing you to spend your time focusing on what you should be focusing on - your business.

Manual data input is so 1990.

To upload your document to Biztroo all you need is one click - our inteligent BIZSCAN system recognises the type of document and the relevant information within it, uploading it seamlessly.

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Bureaucracy in auto pilot.

Biztroo does a lot more than organize your documents - it tells you which are missing according to your business, size and local legislation. Because the best time to learn you are missing a document is before you get a fine or miss out on a opportunity.

From this day on, your office fits neatly in your pocket.

Upload, check or share your documents on-the-go with our Biztroo app. And never again say: “Let me get to my office and ill send that over”.


Anytime, anywhere and completely safe - because “office" is where the man is.

Biztroo Cloud

Your documents are stored safely in the cloud, where you can access them at any time, on any platform.

Amazon S3
Graça Martins, Bainha de Copas

“When you start a business, you really have no sense how much documents you need to keep track of. Biztroo has become my adviser-memory-aid fulltime assistant. I really don’t know how I would work in peace without knowing backup of Biztroo.”
Graça Martins - Founder, Bainha de Copas


"Pff… New trend!“
Raulino Inácio - Retiree

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